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The Doosan GridTech team creates and delivers solutions for renewable energy integration in today’s changing energy landscape.

About the Team

Working with our industry partners, Doosan GridTech delivers innovative, multi-vendor solutions in the growing market for intelligent electric power systems. Our team has a long track record of delivering transformative products and exceptional service that enable utilities to integrate rapidly increasing distributed energy resources into the grid. Last, and not least, we’re talented and passionate about what we do.

Employees are our Greatest Asset

Our people make us what we are and what we strive to be: innovative industry leaders poised for continued growth and success. We offer a collaborative work environment, competitive salary, retirement savings plan, and health benefits.


Every Doosan person is asked to contribute to the Company, regardless of individual capability or expertise. He/she/they uphold our Core Values and put them into practice.

Cultivating People

Doosan people approach others with respect and consideration. In turn, we view our people as individuals, not simply as a means to achieve corporate performance. People are the center of who we are. We genuinely care for their development, making their cultivation our top long-term priority.


Our people understand that individual performance is vital to team performance. Each individual pursues the organization's common goals and voluntarily collaborates based on mutual trust. They achieve strong teamwork in the truest sense of the word, one that is firmly grounded on fairness and camaraderie. At Doosan, we describe this as Inhwa.

Limitless Aspiration

Doosan people impose no limits on their aspirations, constantly setting higher goals and standards. When we say 'higher goals and standards’, these goals are not about just becoming Number One. They are about setting goals high enough to allow people to feel great personal pride when they are achieved. Imposing no limits to our aspiration means our efforts and improvements to raise the bar constantly are both unceasing and voluntary. The sense of achievement from achieving our goals provides strong motivation to go beyond our individual limits, fueled by individual curiosity and passion. Through this virtuous cycle, our people find great personal meaning, spontaneously and tirelessly driving their aspirations to the next level.

Open Communication

Doosan people are completely open in communication. We have a strong trust base that allows colleagues to freely express opinions and value those of others, regardless of hierarchy. In fact, we have an obligation to provide constructive dissent when backed by a clear rationale. When we make mistakes, we acknowledge them. We never hide them. People who acknowledge mistakes and keep their promises are truly worthy of trust. Such trust enables open communication.

Tenacity & Drive

Our People possess true tenacity and the drive to make even the most challenging things possible. When faced with a problem, we never give up but exhaustively research every possibility until we find the answer. But we are different in how we define tenacity. We look at the situation from numerous perspectives, never simply relying on ourselves and our existing resources. Doosan people practice 'smart tenacity' utilizing every available option and means, both internal and external, from preparation to implementation, to achieve goals. At all times, we keep the concept of successful closure in mind and at the forefront of everything we do. Where necessary and without hesitation, we actively seek out new ideas, knowledge, technologies and resources, regardless of origin. This allows us to access the best insights and talent in the market.

Prioritization & Focus

Our people focus and prioritize on what matters most. Whatever task we are faced with, our work starts with identifying priorities. When priorities are set, we mobilize all available resources and go straight to the heart of the hardest and most important issues, solving them once and for all.

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