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The Doosan GridTech team creates and delivers solutions for renewable energy integration in today’s changing energy landscape.
Work-life integration is crucial to our employees’ well-being. 

Open Work Policy

Doosan has an Open Work policy that allows you to flexibly choose and personally set your work-life balance while meeting your responsibilities to Doosan GridTech. Our policy broadly applies to personal time off (PTO), whether vacation or personal time. With personal and paid time off, you can care for family members, enjoy life, take a much-needed break, and more.

As work styles differ, we expect that some people will prefer traditional block vacation time. In contrast, others may select individual days off or several small blocks scattered throughout the year. Either way, we strongly recommend that you unplug from work at least 15 workdays (3 workweeks) per year, above and beyond designated company holidays.

Work / Life Supports

  • Job Management: We work with you to set clear development goals to align your work with your passions and highlight growth areas.

  • Flexible schedules: With our Open Work policy, employees have more control over their schedules.

  • Hybrid Work Schedule: Doosan offers a hybrid work schedule between working remotely and working in the office.

  • Physical work environment: Our open workspace in the office allows employees to meet, collaborate, and focus on their work effectively.

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